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trol center in Beijing.The China National Space Administration later announ▓ced that the probe landed at the preselected landing area at 177.6 degrees east longitude and 45.5 degrees so▓uth latitude on the far side of the moon."It's an important milestone fo▓r China's space exploration," said Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar exploration program.

"It is a perfect display of human in▓telligence," said Jia Yang, deputy chief designer of the Chang'e-4 probe, from the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST).Named after Chi▓nese moon goddess "Chang'e," China's lunar exploration prog▓ram, which began in 2004, includes orbiting and landing on▓ the moon, and bringing samples back to Earth.After Chang'e-3 completed China's first soft landing o▓n the moon in 2013, Chinese space experts aimed high, hoping Chang'e-4 could carry o

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      • moon system, about 65,000
      • km from the moon, where it can see bot
      • h Earth and ▓the moon's far side.Ch
      • ang'e-4's relative v
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    • y to the moon was lowered from 1.7 km pe
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      • o, and the probe was adjusted to face
      • the moon and descend vertically towa
      • rds the Von Karm▓an
    • Crater
    • in the SPA Bas
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      • in.When it descended to an
      • alt▓itude of about 2 km, its cameras c
      • aptured the sha▓dows of the hills a
      • nd valleys on the lu
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rface. Its computer identi

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